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At #StopBurningStuff, we’re on a mission to shatter misinformation, spread the truth, and educate people on the facts about EVs and clean energy. We need your support to achieve this monumental goal.

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1. Fight Misinformation, Spread Truth

In a world where misinformation is rampant, we're fighting back. Your support helps us debunk myths, combat falsehoods, and share the truth about clean energy and electric vehicles. Together, we can drive out misinformation for good.

2. Support Clean Transportation

Electric vehicles are key to a cleaner future. Your contribution aids us in promoting EV adoption, debunking myths surrounding electric vehicles, and advocating for policies that make EVs accessible to all.

3. Champion Clean Energy

Clean energy is the future, and we're championing this vital transition. Your support empowers us to advocate for clean energy solutions that will help reduce pollution and lessen our impact on the planet. 

4. Be a Part of Something Bigger

#StopBurningStuff is a movement powered by individuals like you. By supporting us on Patreon, you become part of a community dedicated to positive change. Your voice matters, and by joining forces with like minded individuals, we can amplify our message for greater impact.

5. Influence Policy and Media

With your help, we can continue to place spokespeople on mainstream media, engage with political influencers, and drive policy changes that benefit our environment and society. Your support enables us to be a strong voice for EVs and clean energy.

How You Can Make a Difference

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