Stop Burning Stuff. Fact-checking Electric Vehicle & Clean Energy Misinformation

Stop Burning Stuff

Sharing the Truth About Electric Vehicles and Clean Energy

It’s time to set the record straight on electric vehicles and clean energy. Welcome to #StopBurningStuff, a campaign powered by the Fully Charged SHOW and FairCharge UK. We’re on a mission to douse the flames of misinformation and fan the fire of truth.

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Why #StopBurningStuff Matters

Misleading headlines like ‘your electric car will catch fire’ or ‘Heat pumps are bankrupting households’ are flooding the media landscape. These stories, fueled by sensationalism and the thirst for clicks, do more harm than good. They misrepresent the reality of these forward-thinking technologies and divert attention away from the urgent need to combat climate change, reduce air pollution and bring about positive societal change. We’re here to bust those myths and spread the truth… because we truly believe we all need to #StopBurningStuff.

About us

Shining Lights of Truth - ethics, Honesty, Truth & Respect

Our Commitment to the Media

#StopBurningStuff invites media outlets to verify the facts on EVs and clean energy before publishing news stories on these topics. We’re here to provide accurate information and data, and offer spokespeople for interviews. We aim to deliver reliable content to media outlets, politicians, organisations and the general public.

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The media

The Voice of Experience

As a collaboration between Fully Charged SHOW, Everything Electric SHOW and FairCharge UK we are in a unique position to help set the story straight on EVs and clean energy. Our network of experts includes EV afficionados Robert Llewllyn and Quentin Willson as well as electrochemists, data scientists and industry experts (and a whole host of users with lived experience!), who can separate fact from fiction and provide the evidence to support this.