Corporate Support

Demonstrate your organisation’s commitment to sharing the truth about EVs and clean energy

There are a variety of ways for organisations to get involved and support our fact sharing mission. Whether it’s through funding events, collaborating on research, supporting a specific media campaign, or simply aiding us to raise awareness, we can help your company make a meaningful impact.

Supporting us

Our standard sponsorship categories are below, however we would be open to discussing more bespoke opportunities if preferred.

  • Partner: Collaborate closely on major activities such as events or campaigns across the year, with full recognition and support across all marketing activity.
  • Sponsor: Support a specific project and benefit from co-branded promotion across Stop Burning Stuff and affiliated channels.
  • Supporter: Help us grow our initiative by becoming an annual member and receive promotional assets, monthly newsletters, website recognition, and priority invites to Stop Burning Stuff events.
  • Patreon Pioneer: Individual colleagues can support us on a monthly basis from as little as ¬£5/$5 per month, for campaign contribution, exclusive content, updates, discounted event tickets and access to our community discussions.

If your organisation is not in a position to support our campaign financially but you would like to discuss other ways of getting involved, such as the sharing of relevant research data, resources, expertise, or by promoting our campaign via your own channels, we would be delighted to hear from you. Download our corporate support leaflet for details.

Make a difference

Anyone who works in the sector will know that the transition to cleaner technologies and transportation is an uphill battle. Media misinformation, political ambiguity and scaremongering are slowing adoption. We are all working hard to overcome those hurdles, but only through coordination and collaboration will our message be heard. Help us become the voice of truth for the sector, so we can work with politicians, the media and the general public to change the narrative and bring about lasting positive change.

Our supporters

Thank you to the following organisations who have pledged support for the #StopBurningStuff campaign so far